Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Why I Gave Up My HSBC Credit Card (Philippines)

When I was still based in the province, I opened an account with HSBC Savings Bank since I wanted their service as a retail bank. In fairness with the bank, they had impeccable service in their branches, courteous, smiling and sometimes boastful staff since I believe most of their employees are in the middle class to the upper class segment of the society. Together with my savings account, I got a new credit card from them. Nevertheless, and for the record, I am keeping my savings account with them.

Today marks the first year of my subscription and today I had quite enough of them already, so I ended and threw away my HSBC credit card. Why did I pull it out with the World's Local Bank?

1. In total, I may have had 12-13 statements. 12 Statements were delivered to the province, 1 Statement was delivered at my city address since I had it changed. Out of the 12 statements delivered in the province 10 were delivered late. So imagine the hassle of calling them every time for reversal of their charges, it was practically insane and such a waste of time. Although I fully understand that it is my responsibility to pay and know my varying due dates and account statements, it is their duty to give me a paper-statement ON TIME.

2. One thing that really pissed me off was a call 2-3 months ago from a collections agent. She was practically demanding me to pay my bill on that day because she told me that it was due. She was disrespectful and arrogant to the point that I thought she wanted to hit me with something. Problem is, I do not have the bill yet.

I wonder how HR made the decision to put her in the front line. And sometimes I wonder why they always keep me reminded that the conversation is recorded where in fact, supervisors do not seem to playback so they can actually apologize to their valued customers and know the performance of their erring employees. This is customer service at its best.

3. They have low-quality customer service representatives. It is true that they need to create a script but with the script they likewise need to learn and know how the customer feels and what the customer wants, they need to respond not with their pro-forma dialogue but with something that would connect them to customers.

Once I get to know the name of the customer service representative, I am going to write a formal letter with HSBC to bring this to a more formal forum. Right now, I am not recommending HSBC Credit Cards until they have done something to improve their technical and logistical glitches.

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